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    Default Road-trip from NJ to CO

    Hello All!

    Whats up? I'm trying to plan a road trip from new jersey to colorado. I'm just looking for any information on the best states to cross, and the best places to visit in those states. Also any good websites on trip planning or travel info would be helpful. Thanks for visiting and happy traveling to you!

  2. Default When where and how?

    And why even could help! There are several things to see and do along the way. If interested in the Old West there are the old Pony Express Stations and Museums as well as ghost towns, etc. As for geography there are several fantastic things like the Dainted Desert, Grand Canyon, Rockies. And tourist traps abound like The Corn Palace in Iowa, Buffalo Bill's Grave/Museum. And people? They are the best. They are everywhere. And a couple of hours talking can be the best part of any trip. Good luck and enjoy!

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