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    Default 19, goin' Ohio-> SanFran via I-80

    I'm a college student driving from Cleveland to San Francisco in early January (with my boyfriend, 20) and gotta make it out there quickly so we'll have time at the end of my co-op (before summer term starts) to meander back. BUT I don't want to just drive for six straight days (I don't even know if that's an accurate time estimate). I was wondering if anyone can point us to some detours or stops we can make on the way without losing a lot of time. (i was thinking of branching off onto 70 for a bit to see colorado?)

    This is VERY, VERY important to me. I've never before had the opportunity to travel out west, the furthest i've been is N.Dakota : ( !

    I'm looking for beautiful scenery and views, and interesting sites NOT "fun" cities (people keep telling me "Go to Reno!!"--eewww). PLEASE!!!!!! ANY tip would be helpful!!!!
    thank you for every contribution


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    imported_David Guest

    Default Colorado road trippin'

    If you cruise into Denver on 70, it is SO worth your time to jog south a bit on 25 to Colorado Springs. If you hike or cold-weather camp, The Crags @ Mueller State Park is absolutely beautiful. There is also a very cool dirt road that leads from The Crags to Canon City, home of the Royal Gorge - the world's tallest suspension bridge. The road between the two is home to some of the most spectacular scenery we saw in Colorado, and the gorge is truly awe-inspiring.

    After that, if you have a little time and you need a little town, Durango is really friendly and very homey.

    Check out this link:

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    John Wise Guest

    Default How much time to you have?

    How much time do you have? As you'll be traveling in January, I have some suggestions that'll keep you out of 12 foot snow drifts and still seeing beautiful locations.

    Let me know,

    John Wise

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