hi everybody!! im sorry, i didnt quite know where to post this, and thought this would have been the best place. WELL...

me and my gf want to take a trip together. we can start anywhere in the us we want. then we want to travel thru 3 states atleast by bus or rental car or whatever. hotel - camping, just switch em up sometimes... the trip will be 2 weeks.

i was wondering if anybody has ANY ideas or could tell me what they did. it also dont matter what time of year, we can leave anytime. and if anybody has any pictures of themselves on a trip, (dont know if my email will who up in this post) so here is one you can send it to. jonnyg70@hotmail.com. thanks for all the help everybody :)

ps, any informative sites i could check out about car rentals, bus tours, or us road trips, blah blah blah