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    imported_Jennifer Guest

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    This summer i'm going on a road trip and i need some addvice on safty and saving money tips so if anyone can help me just e-mail me, thanks e-mail

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    Lynn Guest

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    I just got home from spending 2 months driving around the US. Last year I spent 3 months driving and visiting interesting places. Driving alone across country can be dangerous. You have to use common sense. Like try to find a place to stay BEFORE it gets dark! Also, if you can, plan out your trip a in advance--learn a little about the states that you'll be driving through. For example: What's the weather like? What's the terrain like? What kind of animals & insects live there? Also, if you want to travel really cheaply & safely--you can stay at youth hostels. They are located all over the country and cost between $8.00 and $19.00 a night. Check out my web site. It explains all about hostels and traveling alone across country. Plan well, be safe, & have fun!!!

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