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    In your opinion, which route is better from Mt Hood: straight down into Crater Lake/Klamath Falls area, or scoot over and drive down 101 to Crescent City? OR should we hit Crater Lake and then head to Crescent City? Is Crescent City (Redwoods) worth the stop? How Long would it take to get from Mount Hood to Crescent City if we stopped at Crater Lake? Our final destination is San Fran. Thanks for advice!!

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    Default Never miss Crater Lake!

    Road Greetings Mary,
    First of all, I would suggest that no one should ever consider missing Crater Lake if the location is on a possible route. It is magical year round -- the most moving for me was a snowy day in February one year. I see that our mapping program is down and so I don't have the ease of on-line access to driving time information. So, some general remarks: The drive thru Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is great. Lots of moss and wonderful spaces of dappled light. It is not a fast drive however. Further south, YES -- a drive thru the Redwoods National Park is always a treat!
    Final destination is San Francisco -- so I would suggest picking up Highway 1 at Leggett, follow the coast to Mendocino (be sure to go out to the point) and cut in-land at Albion. Great wineries along the way. Makes me wish I were along for the ride!

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