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    Scott Kilbourne Guest

    Default Driving to South America

    Has anyone actually taken a drive down to South America? I have seen the excellent site, but was wondering if there are any onther sites talking about a drive to South America.

    Does anyone have any experiences or links they can share? The site listed above mentions very dangerous parts of Columbia, etc.. Kidnapping, bribes. How many people out there actually do this?

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    Default A serious adventure

    Scott, We haven't a great deal of reader response to questions of this type.
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    Scott - my husband, myself and 5 kids drove from LA, CA to Argentina in 1978 in a 24 foot motorhome - spent 13 months before coming back to US - if you are interested go to my blog about the trip
    we are planning on doing it again later this fall - just the 2 of us
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  4. Default assistance required

    I was trying to get to the website with the story about the folks going in 1978 and i was unable to get to it. I am trying to put together a collection of websites to give my family so they see that it isnt certain death for me to drive to south america. i thought pointing out that people have been going for a while and that it is safe would be helpful. does anyone else have any other ideas to help the fam sleep at night?

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    Default Driving to Central and South America

    We (Carol and Bill) did drive the Panamerican Highway trip from Alaska to Rio de Janeyro, and will do it again this year in the begining of March from Las Vegas, Nevada. Anybody going that way? we would like to have a caravan of about 3 or 4 vehicles, it is more fun to share adventures during the trip. and to help each other and remember it is safety in numbers! We are driving a 40 foot DP Motor Home and towing a Jeep this so we don't miss those beautiful places out of the way were the Motorhome can't go. We have a web site with all our trips and the preparation of the incoming one, Lets go and enjoy the trip of your life. Bill

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    Default "If you can read this - roll me over!”

    I enjoyed looking around your site some -- evidence of quite a sense of humor on the jeep!


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    Thank you Mark. Bill

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    Default bravo!

    Bill & Carol,

    I took a peek on your website yesterday (Carol's), and I began to read the story of your 1978 trip... now I just can't stop reading (now in the middle of the Nicaragua part). Did you write that recently or when you got back from your trip? I'm amazed by all the details you managed to remember. Were you keeping a journal or something? It takes a lot of courage to go on such a long trip with a bunch of little boys, I don't know if I'd have the nerve to do the same!:o) Anyway, thanks for sharing all of that information with us and good luck on your upcoming trip.


    Ps-Have you seen the movie Diarios de motocicletas?

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    I'm new to this forum but am not to traveling. Greetings Bill And Carol, ive read that you have taken an rv to South America. Me and my family of Eight hope to do the same. We love Jesus and want to bring the gospel to South America. my first Q is how did you guys ship it? What company? did you Do crate or RoRo? and other details would be great. i would love to contact u all by email. Thanks! God Speed.

    Pura Vida
    El Peragrino
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    Default Upcoming Trip, Collecting Info

    I am planning to drive from the US to the tip of South America, starting this fall. I thought I would share my site link about what I am doing to prepare for anyone who is interested:

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