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    danna Guest

    Default new york to california/oregon

    looking for a ride. i have a clean license and gas$. heading to humboldt county or portland from southern NY. i'd like to get there around the middle or end of october. also if you have any suggestion about how to connect with people who want someone to drive their car across the country besides drive-away. thanks :)

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    Danny Mee Guest

    Default Traveling Friend

    From Australia
    After being in PA for a week I will be travelling from Philadelphia (could stop by NYC to pick u up) to San Francisco. Leaving afternoon of the 1/1/02 arriving in CA before the 11/1/02(fly home). A friend from the UK is coming over to travel with me. Suggested itinerary, travelling down the east coast along the bottom, stopping in Las Vegas then on to San Francisco. But it is open to change. Is this when you were thinking of traveling. Talk to you soon.

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    danna Guest


    still here in NY and still looking for a ride :)
    still wanting to get there in october!

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    Randi Guest


    Hey, i'd be happy to provide references if you want, but what i'm proposing is for me to drive your car back to ....NY? was it? let me know. I'm 23, clean driving record, and female. email me. Take care!

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    Default Experience with Drive-Away?


    Have you had any dealings with Drive-Away that you can share? We are asked about this service several times a month, but we have never had a direct experience with them.

    Publisher -- RTA

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