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    Default Towing car with Uhaul (or similar) truck - speed?


    I'll be towing a subcompact 4-door sedan using a Uhaul/Ryder/Penske 15-foot truck.

    I was curious to know what the recommended speed for this combo is. I would take either the two-wheel dolly or the 4-wheel car carrier (My car is front wheel drive), any difference? (stability or speed or safety-wise)

    Also, I'm sure driving a truck/moving van is more tedious and taxing than driving a car, so what do people recommend as a safe and comfortable daily number of hours or miles to drive, before I stop at a motel for the night?
    Is there anything people on this board might want to suggest (additional precautions driving a truck and towing a car cross-country)?

    Also, since I'll be renting a larger (15-foot)truck than I need (no towing permitted with 10-foot trucks), its going to be lightly loaded. Anyone have any idea what kind of gas mileage I can expect, if I stick to recommended speeds and speed limits?

    My route is over 2000 miles, so I feel this is important info to help me decide how to plan my trip!

    I'll also be posting a message (in the appropriate forum) asking if someone wants to share gas/motel/van expenses for a move, from the Mountain West (Salt Lake UT or Boulder CO)
    to DC-Metro area. I could go via the NY/NJ area if needed, too!

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Road Greetings Ashu,

    First critical bit of advice -- know how tall you are and remember that you will probably be hitting trees (and other vertical hazards). Fueling is sometimes a challenge when you are towing a vehicle and driving an unfamiliar truck. Do some practice backing in a parking lot before you try and pull-up to a gasoline pump.

    Most states the maximum allowed speed for trucks pulling a trailer is 55 mph. With some experience (your distance is sufficient to gain some) 65 mph should be about your top speed.

    Loading -- be sure to load the light load as equal as you can -- especially over the wheels. A light rental truck is badly affected by cross winds. Tie your load down -- you don't want anything to shift when you make a sudden swerve!

    Driving time: 8-10 hours per day should be your limit unless you are under a time deadline. If you can do less -- even better.

    Mileage: 5-7 miles per gallon. Unless you are really luck and may get up to 10 miles per gallon.

    Stopping in motels -- remember you represent a perfect opportunity for theft. Almost as good as painting a sign on your vehicle that says --"Steal Me" Try and park near and in visual range of your motel room. Avoid ever being away from the vehicle more than an hour. The safest place to park such a combo is ALWAYS the auto area of a truck stop.

    Have fun,


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