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    Danny Guest

    Default Someone to travel with across America

    I'm coming from Australia to holiday in NYC then visiting friends in PA for Christmas then travelling from PA to Las Vegas then on to San Francisco. Leave PA on the 1st or 2 January 2002. Would like some company along the way, part way or full way.

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    Robert Guest

    Default Round Trip (L.A) USA-Canada Road Trip...Any Takers

    Im planning in taking a road trip and i was wondering if anyone wanted to join me, and help me out with the gas expenses,you can join me anywhere along my route, im gonna head west all the way to orlando and miami.. then heading up north all the way to montreal,ottawa,toronto,n. falls, buffalo..theheading west to clevelad,indianapolis,chicago
    st.louis,K.C, Denver,Salt lake city,lake tahoe,S.F, oakland

    Im gonna stop at this National Parks.. Mount Rushmore, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Sequoia, White Sands, Grand Canyon

    well if anyone wants to come along ,and have questions,
    e-mail me.... im planning on departing by april 1,2002 and returning may 29th.. im a 18 Y/O guy ..

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