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    Default Safety while travelling alone

    How dangerous is it for a young female to drive from MA to CA with only a big brown dog? Are there safer routes than others? I'd appreciate any advice.....

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    imported_Liz Guest

    Default Safety while travelling alone

    How dangerous is it for a young female to drive from MA to CA with only a big brown dog? Are there safer routes than others? I'd appreciate any advice.....

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    Default Scores of Women on a roll

    Road Greetings Liz,

    Traveling alone has the same risks on the backroads as it might in your home town. That said, we personally know of scores of women who travel solo in all areas of the country. Act reasonably and responsibilly and you will have no problems.


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    Christine Guest

    Default Young Female

    I am actually a young female photographer with a poodle who has been traveling across the country working on a photo project of the American people. I have been on the road for 4 months and have not had any scares yet.

    I have heard that the major interstates are more dangerous then the backroads or two lane highways. The interstate highways tend to attract the riff-raff that are trying to get away from something quickly.

    Also, it is not safe to stay at rest stops overnight. When possible, stay at 24 hour Walmarts, any campgrounds or ask at police stations where a safe place to take a nap would be. Most likely it would be right in their lots. (hospital lots are good too, since they are open 24 hours a day)

    The dog is a good thing. If a stranger asks if it is nice, (even if it is) don't tell them. The less they know and the closer they get to you, the more unsafe it would be.

    Listen to your intuition!

    Have fun!

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    I just got back from a three-week solo roadtrip and had no problems whatsoever. Some precautions I took:

    I bought a couple phonecards and arranged to telephone my friend every single day before 12noon (her time) to check in. I also gave her a copy of my itinerary with my map route so if she didn't hear from me, she'd be able to call the police with good information about me.

    I mostly stayed at KOA Kampgrounds and when you check-in they'll give you a thing to hang on your car's rearview window -- it says the check-in and check-out dates and lists how many people are in your party. I always asked them to go ahead and write "2" rather than "1" in that spot.

    Try not to tell anyone you're travelling alone. Lots of times I'd make small talk with people and they'd ask if I was by myself and I'd always say stuff like, "No, I'm meeting my sister in (whatever big town was nearby) tomorrow." That way, they know you have a destination not too far away and that someone is expecting you at a certain time.

    It would be a good idea to have a cellphone. If you don't already have one, you can buy one of those cellphones that have a certain amount of time alotted to them - kinda like calling cards with the cellphone included. They're not too expensive. I wish I'd had one on my trip when I got a flat tire. I know how to change a tire, but couldn't get the lug nuts off so I was at the mercy of whoever was willing to stop and help.

    But like I said, if you use your own good judgment you'll be fine. I had such a good time on my trip that I'm planning another in January:

    <a href=""></a>

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    Randi Guest

    Default Suggestion

    Hey there, i'm a 23Female mostly proffessional but an artist at heart. If possible i'd love to acompany you on your roadtrip since your going my way. Remeber there's safety in numbers, and i'm willing to provide personal and proffessional referances. Later!


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    Korina Guest

    Default Not to scare you

    I have made the trip from LA to Missouri a few times and have had fun every single time. But please stay away from rest areas! I hade a truck driver following me (he liked to expose himself as I drove by!). I was driving through OK and thought I had lost him. But believe me when I tell you that you NEVER lose a truck driver. They have CB's and keep each other informed. Once I hit Missouri, I had to stop to use the restroom. He followed me into the women's restroom and tried to get into the stall. Luckily, he didn't come in. I had my dog in the car of all places. I called the highway patrol and gave them his info. I had to drive 35 mph on a 70 mph highway to stay behind him so he didn't take the same exit as me. I called his company and turned him in, but I must say it was one of the scarier moments in my life.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not discouraging you from taking your trip. In fact I am making the same trip by myself in a couple weeks. But be safe and use truck stops or other populated areas to stop. Avoid rest areas, especially at night. And when those truck drivers wave and honk at you, DON'T WAVE BACK.

    Have a great time!

  8. Default If you have no trouble at home...

    then u probably won't have any on the road. Just use common sense like the other posters here mentioned. But if you have problems with guys at home, you may need to modify your behavior on the road. Stop early enough or make confirmed reservations at safe lodging. DO NOT sleep in your car! Even with a big brown dog you may not be safe. I hope you have a safe/fun trip.

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    Default safety

    I'm a 19 year old female. About 6 months ago I did the trip in reverse...CA-VA by myself. I didn't have any problems with anyone. Checked myself into motels, poked around the local places. No one ever gave me a hard time.

    You just have to be smart, the same way you would at home. Don't put yourself in situations where you're alone, far from help with people you don't know. And keep a good eye on your stuff. Don't leave a bag with all your money and id sitting in the car while you explore. And don't stop at rest areas along the highway, those are bad bad places.

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