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    GabyBaby Guest


    I'm planning an extended cross-country road trip, where I will be touring a lot of the south. Once it comes down to it, I probably won't have much of a choice on vehicles. But out of curiosity I just wanted to ask everyone what they think is the ultimate road trip vehicle - convertible? Van? RV? Let me know, and tell me why you think so.

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    Tracy Bechard Guest

    Default which ride?

    coming to the south? well i'm planning to leave soon if at all possible! i'd say definitely convertible if you plan to be staying in hotels. you may have the roof up pretty often due to rain or bugs, but you can't beat it when tops off weather comes!!

    but see, for my road trip i was thinking VAN because i'm planning to live IN it for a year if i can!! more if i can't stand to come home! i'm trying to plan a 6 month to a year road trip right now and trying to figure out how i can manage it. have you had any good responses? any suggestions?? i can only afford the trip if i live in the van.

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    GabyBaby Guest

    Default yeah ...

    I'm starting to think van as well, as we'd like to be on the road as long as possible, and as you said, the only way we can afford it is to live out of it.

    How are you funding your trip? Pure savings? I'm doing research on raising money on the road. We haven't got much saved - it's hard to save in San Francisco. I'm going to do whatever I can though. Any suggestions?

    So where do you plan on going? Where are you in the south? We're starting in Idaho (say hi to the folks), working our way down the coast, then across the south through Texas, possibly Louisiana, then down into Mexico. I'm trying to familiarize myself with some of our destinations so we don't get sideswiped with unexpected expenses. We should chat about our plans - maybe we can trade advice ...

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    ADMIRAL Guest

    Default BEST VEHICLE


  5. Default Chevy/GMC diesel van

    They are comfortable, dependable and get great mileage. Reading how you are planning on camping, I would recommend one of these full size vans. They newer ones have 6.5 Turbo diesels that are quiet, powerful, and fun to drive. They will keep up with fast traffic or will putter about town. Don't fall for the anti-diesel baloney. They are really great vehicles.

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    Default Awesome!


    I don't know how many threads you read and responded to today, but some of your postings have been great. Thanks for taking the time to share your obvious road worthiness!


  7. Default Thanks Mark!

    I really enjoy your site. I am a lover of road trips, as you might have guessed. My wife and I have been downsized in the last few years and are starting over in respect to vacation time and finances. So, this is a place where we can relate our experiences. We make at least two trips to Fla from Ind still each year. Then we TRY to take a vacation also. <G>

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    RVFunGuy Guest

    Default VW Eurovan

    Hi just got a 2002 VW Eurovan which has to be the ultimate road trip vehicle. First, Winnebego does the conversion, complete with pop-up top, stove, fridge and electircal hook up features. The size makes it convenient for parking anywhere. Camp sites are great but you can also discretely nap or spend the night on any side street.

    The new engines provide a lot of power. Feels like driving a luxury car. They are great!

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