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Thread: Niagara Falls

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    imported_stacy Guest

    Default MD to Niagara Falls, Canada

    I am planning a road trip with sisters to Niagara Falls, Canada from Columbia, Maryland. We have never been on a trip this far and never been out of this cuntry. Any advice for us??

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    Vic Guest

    Default From Maryland to Canada

    Just came across the roadtrip website. Since your thread was dated June, wasn't sure if you had made your trip to "The Great North (Canada)" already.

    If not, drop a line and can give some advice. I lived in upstate New York MANY years, and now live in Virginia. So have made that trip, via different routes thru PA to NY many times.


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    imported_stacy Guest

    Default Niagara Falls


    No, we have not gone yet. We were going to go later ths year, but are afraid of running into colder weather. So, we may plan for late Spring 2002. I think temps are 15-20 degrees colder there than here. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks

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    Mel Guest

    Default Canada

    Hi Stacy,

    Never fear, the temperatures are no different in canada then they are in say, NY city or any other American state north of you. 15-20 degrees, definetly not!! :) I live in Toronto, 1.5 hours north of Niagara Falls, Ontario. We do have chilly winters, but not any worse than alot of other American states, though I wouldn't suggest roadtripping anywhere while its snowing. Niagara Falls is most beautiful during spring, because thats when all the trees are blooming. A few suggestions: Go to the butterfly conservatory, get a hotel near "tourist hill", and hit all the haunted houses. Casino Niagara is also a blast. Feel free to e-mail me if you need any advice or any other info about "the great north" :)

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