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    I'm moving back to NH after 5 years in Seattle (trading the rain for some snow & a job for full-time school) in late July. I've been thinking it would be cool to drive back through Canada, but am having no luck on-line with driving directions & such. Everything out there is about crossing the continent on the US side of the border. Any tips on where I can find info on-line? If not, I guess I can always buy an atlas & plan it out the old fashioned way :) Thanks!

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    Default Now is the right time of year!

    Road Greetings Marym,

    We were contacted a few months ago by a group that was trying to provide that type of routing information -- but I can not remember who they were. Anyway, we have traveled a bit through BC, AB, QB, & ON -- How much time do you have for this road adventure?

    Must see's? I really liked the country around Nelson, AB (incredible scenery with feel of aging hippies in towns). Fairmont Hot Springs and the surrounding areas -- Outstanding -- We know of a great B&B in the area. Banff and Lake Louise -- should not be missed. Thousand Islands area near Toronto --

    I can go and on. The best advice. Start every morning with no clear idea where you are going except "East" follow roads have an adventure.


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