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    Seth Guest


    Hey everyone,
    I was just wondering if I could get someones' advice on a good route for a trip I'm taking this summer. Any tips would be greatly apprieciated. Here's the plan...The starting point is Atlanta, GA, and the destination is Estes Park, CO (with a stop over in Albuquerque, NM). I would perferably like to stay on the interstates and take the most scenic routes. I hope this isn't asking too much from you guys, but if anyone can give a tip, it would be greatly welcomed!!!

    Thanks again,

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    Frank Bodden Guest

    Default Estes Park

    Seth, as far as from Albuquerque to Estes Park using freeways, that's easy enough. But using freeways and the most scenic route are mutually exclusive terms in this case. From Albuquerque you just take highway 85 north to Sante Fe. follow highway 68 through Taos, where you pick up 64, which takes you to I-25, which takes you straight up to Denver, and Estes Park is about 40 miles west off I-25. You didn't say how much time you have on your trip, but if you have time, from Albuquerque, if you have time, follow I-40 west to gallup. You'll see some beautiful red rock country. Then take 666 north out of Gallup to Cortez, Colorado. Turn east out of Cortez on highway 160 towards Durango. 10 miles east of Cortez is Mesa Verde Nat'l Park where there's one of the largest concentration of Indian Cave dwellings you'll ever see. Go on to Durango and spend a day or so. They have a narrow-gauge railroad that goes up to Silverton through beautiful gold mining areas following the Animas River and the Million Dollar Highway. When you leave Durango, go north on highway 550, the Million Dollar Highway through Silverton to Ouray, the Switzerland of America. A truly beautiful place. Take 550 u to Delta, then turn east on 92 heading towards Glenwood Springs via high 133. Below Glenwood Springs you go through Redstone, Co. and some beautiful areas. From Glenwood Springs you pick up I-70 which takes you to Denver. And then turn north on I-25 up to Estes Park. I'm sorry, I know you wanted freeways, but this is the MOST SCENIC route you can find, but will take more time, and you won't be sorry.

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