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    Lucia Guest

    Default Grand Canyon

    Have you been there? Is it crowded in June? And is there available parking? If not we may take this train trip into the Canyon.

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Grand Canyon

    Cassandra - June is still the early part of the season for the Grand Canyon so it should not be too crowded. That is even more true of the early part of the month. If you are going to want to stay at the lodge in the park or take a mule-back trip to the canyon floor, you should be sure you have reservations. The train trip is OK but a little touristy and the scenery on the way to the canyon is not that great - fairly flat sage brush prairie. Depending on where you are coming from, you might want to consider the less crowded North Rim area. There is also a feature in this month's Travel Holiday magazine about the West Rim. I'm not familiar with that and not even sure where it is. Have a great trip.

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    Lucia Guest

    Default Grand Canyon

    Thanks Don for the info! We will be coming from Phoenix and catch the train in Williams,AZ. After we arrive at the Canyon we will ride a bus. I wasn't sure if it would be so crowded that we wouldn't be able to find parking.

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