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    Robin Guest


    Hello Fellow Travelers - I am taking a road trip from Colorado to Montana is September. I am open to any good ideas and suggestions. Am considering making Glacier Natl. Park my ultimate destination. Can you recommend anything great in between? Thanks!

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Montana Visit

    If you like western history the Little Big Horn National Battlefield (Custer's Last Stand) is located just south of Billings.

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    MT Guest


    I would reccommend heading north out of Cheyenne to Rock Springs, and up to Jackson. Long day, but nice drive. Jackson is cool, good Mexican food (Sanchez), good burgers (Cadillac Grill), good beer (Ranchero). Plenty of shopping too, if you like that sort of crap.
    On the way north you will be able to see the Grand Teton's. Just Awsome. If you have the vehicle for it, get your self a little dirt road action on Antelope Flats Road. Follow it to the Red Hills. This is about a day's worth of sightseeing. Get a map showing the dirt road system, there were no signs when I went. Plenty of great views of the Teton's along these roads too.
    Continuing north to Yellowstone. All of the tourist attractions like Old Faithful, Lower Falls, Hot Springs etc.., are off the main roads so can be seen easily.
    Lot's to do in this area, but if your destination is Glacier, you probably aint' gonna be able to spend the time you need. You can probably get away with this section of your trip in about 4 days.
    On the way back to CO, spend a little time to drive through Bighorn Natl. Forest.
    I am doing San Francisco to Seattle in September.
    Gotta love the road!
    Have fun.

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    GabyBaby Guest

    Default Oh big sky ...

    I grew up in Billings, and haven't been back in a while. Most small towns in Montana are worth a stop. If you follow the suggestion from the other response and stop for Custer's Last Stand, you can try Columbus about 30 min. west of Billings. In the far southwest, just north of Yellowstone, is a town called Dell whose historic buildings (few in number, as it was a miniscule town) have been preserved by the townspeople. The old schoolhouse was converted to a restaurant, and I believe the original saloon is still in working order. Checkerboard is another area that I loved visiting when I was a kid - they have old log cabins that you can rent, each complete with a wood-burning stove. Have fun!

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    imported_rich Guest

    Default washington to montana

    We are heading to Montana from Washington state and want to know what there is to see and do. We like nature, museums....thanks...

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