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    CTFisher Guest

    Default good music?

    We're travelling from Maryland to Wisconsin soon. Any good ideas for road trip songs? Not just songs that are good for a car ride, but songs that are about road trips:
    On the Road Again, Willie Nelson
    Route 66
    Get out the Map, Indigo Girls
    I Can't Drive 55, Van Halen

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    ? Guest


    last song on "Californication" by the red hot chili peppers refers to roadtrippin. great song, great album.

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    R. Rogers Guest


    Here's a tune list: "The Road Is My Middle Name", Bonnie Raitt; "Ramblin'Man", Allman Brothers; "Willin'", Linda Ronstadt; "Rocking Down The Highway", Doobie Brothers; "No Particular Place To Go", Chuck Berry; "Life In The Fast Lane", Eagles; "Crossroads", Eric Clapton; "Boulder To Birmingham", Emmylou Harris; "Gone At Last", Paul Simon; "Farther On Up The Road", Bobby "Blue" Bland; "Magic Carpet Ride", Steppenwolf; "Take It To The Limit", Eagles; "Travelling Band", Creedence Clearwater Revival; "Going To The Country", Steve Miller Band; "Born To Run", Bruce Springsteen; "Many Rivers To Cross", Linda Ronstadt; "Highway 61 Revisited", Bob Dylan; "Hit The Road, Jack", Ray Charles; "Already Gone", Eagles; "Up Around The Bend", Creedence Clearwater Revival; "Me And Bobby McGee", Janis Joplin; "One For My Baby, One More For The Road", Etta James.

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    Default RoadTrippin' Tune List!

    One of the best tune lists we ever saw was compiled by three crazy guys who spent much of YR-2000 on the road, check out their list at

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    imported_? Guest

    Default traveling man

    Willy, Waylen Jennings, Kris Kristofhonsen, and what's his face sings it.

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    Wendy Guest


    I made a mix tape that I listened to for 2,000 miles straight... loved it. It had dust in the wind (kansas), jumpin' jumpin' (destiny's child), too young (mandy moore) blue (eiffel 65) and a shnieky-load of other songs. I tried to keep upbeat songs for the loneliest highway in America (it fits it's name, i promise!)

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    mj Guest

    Default Windfall by Son Volt

    Jackson Browne- Take it Easy, Road & the Sky, Load out, there are so many from Jackson... his album Running on Empty was recorded and written on the road...

    Son Volt is great for songs about the road... Lyle Lovett doing White Freight Liner... send me an email if you want more I am about to cross the country coast to coast hitting some scenic areas... and will be making a few tapes... I have a collection of around a few hundred tapes,mds, & cds.

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    imported_lauRa Guest

    Default music

    Don't forget Truckin by the Greatful dead and Born to be Wild buy Steppenwolf...

    In my opinion, Zeppelin is GREAT road traveling music, espically II and IV


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Road Trip Music

    Enough, already with the rock-and-roll! How about some Texas Swing to keep us alert on those long, straight stretches? Asleep At The Wheel (what a great name for a band playing road music) has a CD called Ride With Bob-A Tribute to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. ASATW is on every cut and most cuts also feature a "name" entertainer. Not every cut is a road tune but a few are. Check out San Antonio Rise with Dwight Yoakam, St. Louis Blues with Merle Haggard, Take Me Back to Tulsa with Clay Walker, and Going Away Party with Willie Nelson and The Manhattan Transfer (I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I could write a sentence containing "Willie Nelson" and "Manhattan Transfer"!).

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    Default Crankin' the Fifth

    When I am alone in the vehicle, one of my favorite road tunes is the Vienna Philharmonic recording of Beethoven's Fifth. I crank it up as high as my tender speakers can go and jam down the road!


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