I am planning to do a road trip but I don't have anyone to go with yet. I have a 1991 Nissan Maxima with 184,000 miles on it but it's pretty reliable and I am planning to use it for the road trip. My plan is to start from New York City and travel west through the northern states, then come down the california coast and come back through the southern states including Florida and the keys. The only thing is I want to do a 6 day snowboard camp at mount Hood near Portland, Oregon. If you ski or snowboard and have an extra $1130 for all inclusive (food 3 times a day, lift tickets, coaching, lodging), visit http://www.windells.com or http://www.crossrocket.com/cr/content/travel/camps/index.jsp). If you are not interested, you could spend these 6 days in Portland, Seattle or surrounding national parks.
I am planning to leave on May 19, but I could be flexible with that (the only thing is that I would have to coordinate it with the camp dates and the next 6 day camp is in July and it's more expensive).
I am planning to stay in hostels and with friends. I have friends/relatives in the following cities: Ft Wayne IN, San Francisco CA, Houston TX
You could give me a buzz at (802) 297-3413