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Thread: we need money!

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    Jamie Koottarappallil Guest

    Default how do we find sponsors?

    Five of my friends and I are planning a cathartic, cross country, down-home cookin' fueled trip around the U.S. we're all college students and are, of course, poor. if you have any ideas on how we can scrape up some money for this adventure or, preferably, how we can gain some sponsorship, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

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    Pam Guest

    Default Finding money

    Here are a few possible ideas:

    - As a college student myself, I am always noticing flyers on boards at school for research studies open to college students only. I've never participated in any personally, but I do know of people who have. Usually the studies pay well and don't involve anything more than going to a focus group once or sometimes once a week for a few weeks. Of the people I've spoken to, they've all said they would do this kind of thing again if the opportunity arose.

    - Clean out your CD rack. There are stores that buy used ones. And haven't we all got at least a few CD's that we'll never listen to again?

    - I don't know what the regulations are where you live, but where I live you can substitute teach with 60 college credit hours or more. It pays more if you already have a four-year degree and even more if it's a teaching degree. This is a casual job because you can tell the school (or hiring agency) what your availability is. In most cases, you also have the option of turning down an assignment. Call the school districts in your area and find out how you can be a substitute teacher.

    - Depending on the size of your school, I would think there are plenty of employment positions on campus that are very accomodating to the hours of students. Some of the places on campus where I go are so desperate for employees, they'll hire you even if you can only work one day a week.

    Hope this helps!!!! And happy travelling to you and your friends!!!! :)

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    Roxanne Louise Guest

    Default Driving Cross Country for money

    My son drove a car cross country for someone else & got paid. There is an agency both in NYC & LA that looks for drivers. I nolonger remember the agency name.

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