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    Terri Guest

    Default New York City

    We will be visiting New York City in May, 2001. Any suggestions on places to park your motorhome while you visit the city would be greatly appreciated. Also, what is the best way to see the City? Tour? City bus? All suggestions and input are welcomed, thanks!

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    imported_Publisher Guest

    Default There is a real gem in Jersey City

    Greetings, One of the best places to park your RV is directly across the river from the World Trade Center. Make a reservation at the Liberty Harbor Marina RV Park. (Go to and enter Liberty Harbor for more information). Plus that is the site for the best FRESH flounder I have had anywhere in the USA

    Due to on-board propane you will need to use the UPPER level of the George Washington bridge, but do not be intimidated by driving in Manhattan -- it ranks as one of my all-time favorite cities to drive large vehicles in.
    Also you can usually find a place to park for the night near the convention center -- where the big rigs stage for early AM deliveries. Just be on your guard in that location.

    In regards to Liberty Harbor -- do not be intimidated by the state of the surrounding neighborhood -- Linda, (Mgr) and her crew run a secure and tight ship at the park.

    MS -- RTA

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