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    danny and sheila Guest

    Default starting out

    we are a professional funloving couple no kids,seriously looking to take our life on the and lounge field is what we do best...anyone out there traveling the country making a go at this?? very curious how long you might stay in one town before moving on ect.

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    Carolyn Guest

    Default How much per day??

    Hi There,
    I'm actually from Australia, but I have a friend living in the US at the moment about to embark on a roadtrip around the US in 3 months. I want to join him, but I can't stay that long, so I am meeting him in LA and going across to NY from there (approx 6 weeks).

    You may not know, but our Aussie dollar compared to the US is the pits and I am trying to work out exactly what this all might cost for me.

    Besides the airfares etc, how much in US dollars do you think it would cost a day, roadtripping across the US?

    We will have our own car, so I guess we are looking at gas, food and cheap accomm.

    Can anyone give me a rough estimate??


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    Marra Bennett Guest

    Default Cost to travel

    It will be expensive traveling this year. Gas prices are way up and the summer is the worst cause they will go up another dime at least. As it is $1.60 is average per gallon around the country. You could stay in hostels and save quite a bit but I don't know if you are looking for that type of accomodations. Food can be done very cheap if you eat a lot of fresh fruit from road side stands or grocery stores and sandwhiches or fast food which is of course less healthy but can be done for less than ten dollars per person per day.

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    Lynnette Coverly Guest

    Default taking a year off to tour America

    Hello out there. My husband and I would like to take a year off and travel across America with our young daughter. We believe it would be best to do this after she completes the 3rd grade. She's completing 1st grade now. We have many questions, the most important of which is homeschooling her for her 4th grade year. In addition, we're looking for any advice with regards to the budget it will take, which route is the best traveled, and what are the can't miss locations and events, etc.. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    We are also thinking we could help support ourselves on the road, if necessary, either by taking odd jobs as needed or utilizing our backgrounds as a professional chef and a career in marketing to develop a product or service that would be interesting to other travelers. Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    i just need to know what interesting places we can visit on the way down to atlanta

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