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    Sudeep Bose Guest

    Default Advice on upcoming Christmas road trip along the east coast

    Folks, my wife and I (25 and 27 respectively), are planning on emabarking on a road trip from Sarasota, Florida around the 23rd of December. We want to drive up the east coast while stopping at memorable spots. We are interested in points of historical importance, scenic beauty as well as any other renowned spots. Would y'all kindly forward some advice as to what are the various places to visit, routing etc. Since this is really our 1st road trip, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default East Coast Trip

    Best bet would be too stop at all the Welcome Centers during operating hours. There you will find all kinds of info what to visit.

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    imported_terry Guest

    Default east coast at christmas

    there are many interesting sights along the east coast. colonial williamsburg is great, old salem in winston salem,nc, mcadenville,nc is christmastown usa during the holidays, cape may, nj has a victorian christmas theme, charleston an savannahm ga area also great spots for the holidays. good luck!

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