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    Default Summer 2001 Trip Key West to PEI

    I love road trips so much that I just want to go everywhere!

    Anyway I would like to start planning a road trip that would begin in June and maybe end the first week of September. I am starting from Indianapolis, Indiana and heading to Key West first and then back up the coast through Maine and then into Canada.

    I am wondering if I have enough time to do all of this in 3 months? My 12 year old son is coming with me.

    My main concern is that I don't want to rush. I had a road trip from here to Phoenix and back during the month of November with my mother and it wasn't much fun. I found out that my Mother and I are not great traveling companions. I guess that is an important consideration when traveling with someone else to to make sure you travel well together.

    Is there anything I should know about driving my own car into Canada?

    Any tips? Suggestions?

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    imported_Publisher Guest

    Default Initial tips


    I will respond with more tips later -- rushing between meetings at present -- first tip:

    Don't even think about bring any sort of guns or contraband of any kind into Canada -- they take a very unforgiving view of such concepts. Also, Canada is a very US-tourist friendly place.

    more later


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    Rita Guest

    Default Your trip

    My hubby and I have travelled from PEI to Marathon Florida for many years, some with our son; during ages 3 to 15, and had very few problems. For your trip into canada, do not carry any food produce, apples, oranges, plants, etc. because they can transfer diseases, yes even if washed. Do not carry any fire arms and do carry a passport, birth certificate or photo ID, mostly for getting back into the US. The customs officials are generally friendly and helpful. If you are bringing in gifts, please tell them, and have receipts ready just in case. If not don't. If bringing in Alcohol tell them, it must not be open and really can be purchased at a duty free store at the border, either one.
    If you come up to Bangor, Maine on I-95 then scoot across on the Number 9, quite hilly but lovely. It will bring you into Calais/St. Stephen area and then take No 1 (Canada) through to Saint John and into Moncton and then through to the Bridge and PEI. Bring lots of games that he can play, ones with magic markers are great, ones that only mark on the spacific game book, Gameboys are great also, quiet games for him as you don't want to get into one of those one, two, three car games and have to look for a cemetery to clean them off if you know what I mean.
    The only problem we ever had was trying to find Motels between Philadelphia, Penn on through to Hartford Conn.
    Hartford has an Ethen Allen. If you have lots of time to plan get an I-95 Interstate Exit Directory, ours is our Bible of travel as it shows gas, food, motels, etc. Your trip sounds fantastic, Have fun. We are leaving next Friday Jan 12th for Florida (to Lady Lake, Central around Orlando) for a two week vacation, the trip down will be 1,339 miles and will take us 23 hours roughly, we usually travel 650 to 700 per day and find that starting early (4:30 to 5 AM) gives us a much clearer road and then we stop for breakfast when the AM traffic gets thick then stop for the day around 4 to 5 PM, lots of time to relax and get a good sleep. Enjoy your trip and If we can help in any other way please don't hesitate to e-mail. Cheers Rita :-)))) (big grin)

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