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    Santa Cruz Travelers Guest

    Default Enroute to Beaufort Sea

    Greetings Roadtrippers,
    It is helpful to learn from others experiences when planing your
    Can you tell me if any of your members have traveled the Dempster
    Highway from the Northern Yukon through the Northwest Territories
    to the Beaufort Sea.
    We would be interested in their experiences.
    Happy Trails,

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    Bob Hoffmann Guest

    Default Dempster

    Here is a great link to get information on the Dempster:

    If you search on "Dempster Highway" you get lots of stories. I went to Alaska in 1999 pulling my Aliner and stopped at the entrance to the Dempster and stayed the night there. After discussing the road with a traveler that just returned from the Arctic Circle marker, with a badly beat up trailer, I decided to wait on that trip... but I am going back. It is very doable and a trip of the lifetime. This summer I am headed to Eastern Canada though.. Newfoundland and the Maritimes... looking forward to it. I keep journals on my trips (like the one to Alaska) on my web site at:

    See y'all on the road....

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