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    maitreyi Guest

    Default Looking for ride to Los Angeles to arrive Dec15

    I saw this web site and thought maybe there's someone out there with room to spare for someone heading out to Calli for a couple of days. I'm probably going to be doing some traveling along the East Coast for the beginning of December, but that plan is tentative. Most likely, I am looking for a ride from NY or VA. I will only be staying a couple of days and am looking for a ride back to the East Coast. If there's anybody cool out there, I would love it if someone would get back to me ASAP. peace

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    Captain Ride Guest

    Default Go check out!

    You can probably find a ride at! Good Luck!

    The Captain

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    Teresa Guest

    Default Travelling down the East Coast

    If anyone out there knows of anyone travelling for about 2 months in july give me a e-mail.

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    Geoffrey Sakuda Guest


    I need a ride incase you are traveling from Virgnia, Harrisonburg to Tennessee.....Chattanooga the 27th of April

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