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    Default Arkansas and Texas

    We just returned today from another trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas and on up thtough the Ozarks. That area seems to be really booming and the prices are going up each year. The leaves are not as pretty this year because of the drought.

    Another area that is similar to the Ozarks is the Highland Lakes of central Texas, about 45 miles northwest of Austin. It is still fairly undiscovered and the prices are very reasonable. The Highland Lakes consist of 7 lakes that have boating, fishing, cabins, etc. Their web page is

    It is always fun to beautiful discover places that have not become tourist traps yet. Where the prices are still cheap and there is not a gift store on every corner.

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    Default Did you get soaked?

    Greetings Hal,

    Thanks for the posting and the suggestion of the locale in Texas. We really enjoyed our time in Arkansas the last time through. Did you take the time to soak at the NPS concession?


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