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<<After 2 continental crossing testing the coverage of Omnipoint/Voicestream National service I returned the equiptment and cancelled the service. It worked well where it existed but there was too many large gaps in coverage.

Never giving up, much to the chagrin and amusement of friends and service providers, I now think I have found it. Wasn't that the slogan of some religous campaign a few years back? Back to the subject at hand.

I am now using AT & T National prepaid wireless service. I have yet to find a no service available area. It seems to be weighted toward analog service but does switch to digital in major cities.

There is no monthly fee. Time, when bought in 4hr blocks costs .40cents per minute. You have 6 months to use your time from date of purchase and time can be purchased several different ways.

I haven't used a modem and laptop with the service yet but most of my need is for pocketmail and for email it is ideal.

A side {benefit?} to the service is your incoming calls are routed thru a toll free number with an extension #.
You only give the number to friends and family worth .40 cents.

-- Terry