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    Lloyd Williams Guest

    Default 6160i or 6162i

    I have the option of purchasing either the Nokia 6160i or the 6162i to use with ATT One Rate. I would like to connect on the road.

    Which phone do you suggest from your experience?

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    Default To Flip or not

    Road Greetings Lloyd,

    The primary difference between a 6160 and a 6162 is whether or not it has a flip cover over the keypad. I have used both styles and much prefer the calling safety of the flip-style phone. Since I use hot keys -- I found that the unprotected key pad of the 6160 style occasionally led to un-intended calls to our associate's office in Canada.

    Now, as to the "real" question here -- the 6160 series phone does not connect to the Internet easily in all areas around the country. More importantly, the AT&T One Rate plan is for digital service only -- with VERY rare exceptions all Internet service that you will be able to access with your 6162 will be in Analog mode which is not covered on the One Rate plan.

    Read the other postings in this section for real-life reports of folks like you attempting to connect to the Internet.


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    joe.f. Guest

    Default new option in the 6160 arena

    There's a new option in the 6160 arena. First there was the
    original 6160, then the 6160i. Now there's the 6160m.

    AT&T requires it with two-way messaging (yes its here! and
    you don't have to get PocketNET for just e-mail).

    The sad truth is that the 6160i from other providers can do
    two way messaging, but AT&T insists on the purchase of a new phone.


    ... joe.f.

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    Default Cost on this new wrinkle?

    Road Greetings Joe,

    Thanks for the news about the 6160m -- what is the cost of the two-way messaging that AT&T quoted you? how about the cost of the phone?


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    Joe Faracchio Guest

    Default Response to $$$ questions

    I can only speak for it as a Digital One Rate customer.

    I have been receiving msgs (e-mail) for two years with no limits and not
    a cost. It was included as part of Digital One Rate.

    Now with sending capability they have restructed it.

    You get 250 *receiving* messages free and pay 10 cents each after.
    Or you have the option of signing up to the Sending portion for $4.99
    and then you get 500 messages per monthly billing period.
    Right now its free until Feb, 2001 (while they debug the system!!?!!??)

    I was told that if you expect more than 250 messages in the free area
    you can change to the 500 at $4.99 for one month.

    About the 6160m and cost ....
    They want $149 for the phone. (even new 6160s are getting old and long in
    the tooth what with 8860 and 8260 competition).
    But I was able to request and get a $50.00 discount for being a 2 year
    customer. DUH! I shoulda asked for free shipping and a headset as
    well! :-) They are offer $50 discount for purchases on the web too)

    I wonder if there's any other significant differences between the 6160i and 6160m?

    I can only guess, seeing my friend use his 6160i to send me a phone to
    phone message that maybe the 6160i doesn't have what it takes to send
    internet e-mail as well. (With the 6160m I prefix the message with the
    internet address and then punch in 0000 (four zeroes) for the phone
    number which doesn't sound like.)

    cheers .... joe.f.

    P.S. I'll send you a 'sample'! :-)

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    Joe Faracchio Guest

    Default Newest gizmo working!!!

    I just went and tried my friends CellOne-SF 6160i with internet mail and
    it worked!

    Every step along the way was the same as I use with the 6160m and AT&T.

    The weird thing is it says from and not But I'm not surprised since AT&T is taking
    over AT&T here but hasn't announced it just yet.

    ... cheers! ...

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