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    Default Too Large for National Parks

    We are two Brits looking to come to the US next year to buy a RV and travel round. We have heard that some of the more remote National Parks have a restriction on the size of RV that they let in. As we really want to get away from it all we would not want to buy a RV which is too big.
    If there is anyone out there who has any info, please let us know.

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    Default Size can matter

    Road Greetings Stewart & Carol,

    The restrictions tend to be related to the size of the campground spaces -- although several parks are enforcing rules to limit access to any tourist vehicle in certain months.

    I couldn't find a site that provides the exact information you are seeking, but the I would suggest going to and calling the 800 numbers provided therein.

    I know some other contacts who probably know -- I will be back later with other ideas --- but in general you should have no difficulty if you keep the length under 32 feet. That is the size of the Phoenix One (RoadTrip America's mobile office) and we have never had a problem with the length.


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