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    Default Alaska travel plans

    We have been full-time RVing in our motorhome since Nov 1999. Thinking we'd need a year to get the hang of it all, we had planned to go to Alaska in 2001. Friends and relatives have talked of joining us. Whenever we encounter someone who has been there, particularly recently, we hang on their every word. Now we are wondering if we will have enough information and planning time to do the trip in 2001--particularly if others are counting on us.

    Let us know if you have traveled there--itinerary used, type of RVs, precautions, highlights and low-lights, length of trip and how structured it was, sources besides Milepost that you used in planning, etc.

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    I have drove there once. One suggestion. Drive along the Icefields parkway in Alberta, Canada. It is the most scenic drive anyone can do.

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    Default Headlamp mesh and bulbs!

    Arnie & Marilyn,

    There is milepost guide which is amost the bible used by on-the-road travelers -- the exact name escapes me currently.

    Simple must-have gear: mesh for headlamps and extra headlamp bulbs. I know one family that has carried a spare windshield for each of the 10 times they have transversed the road.

    Several groups of O-T-R friends are currently in Alaska and we are expecting updates in a few days.


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