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    Default North Shore Hawaii

    Austin TX was draggin in that ole Texas heat so we hopped a plane to Hawaii. None of us had ever been and we didn't feel like doing the research so after the 18 hour road trip to LA and the 5 hour plane flight to Honolulu we were exhausted, bewildered, and we smelt bad. But it was all worth it 6 months later and three people shy of our original crew, living on the beautiful beaches of north shore Oahu, enjoying the good life as lived in a Corona commercial (minus the Corona). If you are looking to live on a beach away from the crowds and as pristine as you would imagine an undiscovered beach to be then get thee to north shore and don't forget your surf board, although it better be a long one if you are rushing out the door this moment cause the surf won't start kicking till November on the islands. Once winter hits though you might rethink paddling out at all. As I sit here typing I am wondering why I felt it necessary to return.

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    Default And I like Austin

    That does sound like a mighty fine escape. I was down in Austin last month, the heat and humidity can hit one like a ton of bricks. thanks for the Corona-esqe images!


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