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    Thinking about a road trip through Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Not sure if anyone will be coming with me at this time. Is it safe to travel through these States by youself ??? I like taking road trips alone because of the freedome. I have travelled across Canada by nyself, but wondered if it would be any different in the States????

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    Default As safe as you want to be

    I, too, have done a number of solo road trips. Traveling in the states is as safe as you want it to be. With rare exception during our last 170,000 miles lived on the road, the #1 danger to life and limb has always been severe and unexpected weather.

    Human dangers would rank a less than a tenth of one percent of hazards found on the road. I wouldn't recommend hitting a moose either, if you have a choice in the matter.

    If you have some specific fears or questions -- post them and perhaps we can lend some expertise.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for your input. No, I really don't have any fears, I really like solo road trips and never had a problem. The worst I ever felt was when I travelled from Toronto ( I am from Canada) to Daytona. This was during the time that numerous tourists were being shot. I don't know if you remember that or not, but I did not have any problems. I find US drivers much better at driving on highways and I learned and practice what they do. e.g. Always moving to the far left lane when approaching an on ramp with traffic merging onto the highway. If you have time, I would love to hear about you solo road trips.

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    Hey Jap!
    My name is Josh. I'm enrolled at school right now. I want to take atleast a semester off to do the exact same thing your talking about. I'm searching for information. I'd like to work somewhere for a little bit, then take off to the next place. If you have any ideas or anything, I'd appreciate it.

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    Default from an aussie's perspective

    My husband and I travelled through a lot of the states you are planning to (if you haven't already done your trip) a couple of years ago. We had absolutely no hassles - the other drivers were courteous and helpful. Compared to Australian drivers, Americans are great!!!!!!! The only hassle we had was a slippery mountain in the snow - being from Australia, we weren't what you would call experienced snow drivers. I would have no hassles travelling in the US by myself - GOOD LUCK ... e-mail me if you want some details about the amazing places we saw!

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