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    Ginny & Bill Guest

    Default New Full Timer

    We are selling our house, becoming "stuffless" and will become full timers in our 29' FourWinds Motorhome. Any encouragement is appreciated. Any ideas from those who have gone before us?

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    Default Fulltimers sounds like a commitment

    We never like the term "fulltimers" sounds too much like "lifers" in prison.

    But applaud your decision to go stuffless!

    Many resources out there.

    What kinds of information are you interested in?


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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default been there...Loved it!

    10 years my wife and I hit the road (stuffless). It was great but the one big mistake we made was buying a camp-
    ground package for too much money. The sales people talked us into a agreement we were sorry for later.
    Although if you want to buy a package they were cheaper in the southwest than elsewhere. Anyway I hope
    you enjoy your travels. Remember home is where you park it.


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    Chris Dougherty Guest

    Default "Fulltiming"

    Congratulations on you're decision to become a road warrior! (There Mark, is that better than "Fulltimer"? :-) ) I have been living in an RV since 1998, and have been loving it, except for the winters.. they've been rough. I moved up to a 37' Southwind last year, and have been thrilled with it. I took a month trip to Florida in late January, and it was great. I have to agree with the gentleman above re: the membership CG's. I'm not convinced that they're of much value, but that's second hand info. Two organizations very much worth belonging to are:The Family Motor Coach Association ( and Escapee's ( I belong to FMCA, but I know many in SKP's (nickname) and it comes highly recommended. This site ( a great resource for mobile connectivity, and places to visit while on the road. is another good online resource, allbeit commercial. If you have any questions, please let me know. Go RVing and Enjoy America!!

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    Default First choice = "dashboarders"

    Road Warriors? We like dashboarders -- it sounds more humane... Another good site for reference is


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    laura smith Guest

    Default congrat's

    It is a great life out there. You will love it. You are now
    a fellow MOTORHOMER..... One place that is an A MUST and
    that is ALASKA!!!! See you down the line. Our CB handle is

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