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    So I leave Ne. and upon tuning my first SD. radio station I start hearing ads for the above subject. Wireless internet for wide open spaces and farms of SD. Free modem and roaming for laptops, PDAs and twoway pagers.

    Of any interest to you or are their ads far brighter then their service.
    I imagine getting local isps in the boonies is a problem.

    regards from Bevidere, SD.

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    Default Internet Demand is high in Rural

    Thanks for the posting, I don't know much about I have seen some of their literature at wireless meetings, but haven't heard much about real-life use.

    I know from my family's internet usage patterns that being able to connect to the internet from their ranches in Wyoming was a priority a long time before most of my collegues in cities. I also know that the carriers in the plains states have provided good coverage along major interstates, but I don't know how far such coverage extends.

    I hope to hear from a current subscriber about this service plan.


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