Well, you asked for a Pocketmail review, I am so pleased with my Pocketmail service that I haven't hooked up the laptop in over a month. First the numbers:

In approximately 400 uses:
connection on the first attempt: 90%+;
connection on re-try: 5%;
connection after multiple attempts: 4%
failure to connect: 1%

I have only found the system down twice. Failure to connect on the first try is usually solved with an ajustment of the speaker in relation to the mouthpiece.

It is a nuisance not being able to open attachments, but I have found that by using "Cut & Paste" feature in Windows that I can open the majority of unopenable attachments.

Fowarded mail is also a bit of a bore when you have to scroll through 25 pages of fwd to: addresses.

One problem I've encountered on a couple of occasions when sending from Japan, is the failure to recognize addresses. I am at a loss as to why, unless it is a tone transmission error -- when I return stateside and resend it works.

With the scheduler, memo and other features, I feel it was one of the best $200 I have ever spent. It is nice to carry only a couple of ounces instead of the 6+ laptop.

Sent Transpac from Osaka, Japan 09/03/00