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    Default Purchase of Hughes by Boeing

    A rumor of two-way service for the DirecPC program has been making its way around the wireless community since 1994. At the recent CES show in Las Vegas, a definitive word on such a product was in short supply. What effect do you think the purchase of Hughes Satellite etc by Boeing have on the prospects?

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    Mark Helmlinger Guest

    Default Spaceway & Boeing

    My pop works for Hughes Space & Com. I'll ask him
    if Boeing will continue the Spaceway effort. Stay tuned.

    I want JPL to buy me one. I actually have a need.
    During field campaigns, I require Web access to
    determine if the target (me & my ground instruments)
    has been aquired. I could check a web posting of the
    raw data so that another overflight could be requested
    if needed. I could also uplink my data instead of
    using ye olde SneakerNet (carrying the JAZ disk back to
    the Lab). I don't like leaving a site until I get the
    data I came for.

    Wireless on! - Mark

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    Default Looks like a Bad Sign!

    When I was at CES in Las Vegas, (January, 2000) I met with the new person in charge of the DIRECpc program for Hughes Network Systems, (HNS). In the last two days I have been trying to contact her, but I believe her position has been eliminated. In addition, most of the links on the HNS website have gone "dark" Not a good sign for the supposedly pending release of the 400K two-way satellite system that has been promised every spring since 1994.

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