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  1. Default Roadtrip: 10 days round trip from Seattle.

    Hello all,

    It's been awhile since I've been on here. Not much traveling lately. We have never been to the PNW. I have booked flights for my family of 5 to arrive in Seattle on 4th of July evening, then a redeye out of Seattle on the 14th(pm). Spending the night in Tacoma, then where to from there?? I am wondering if I am being too ambitious, so let me know. We are getting late in the planning, so lodging appears to be an issue.
    My initial thoughts are head North to Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, then over to Rialto Beach for tidepools and sunset.
    Stay the night, then do rainforest and beaches on day 2. Then head South. Where I end up then is up in the air.
    Wish list....Astoria/Columbia River Gorge(then continue down coast or go inland?), Crater Lake, Bend, Mt. St. Helen's, Mt. Hood/Rainier, Portland, and arrive back in Seattle on 13th.
    Any and all ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default When you get here...

    First, Olympic NP is absolutely gorgeous. Hurricane Ridge, especially. But after you get to Seattle, try to find out from the National Park if the Canadian fires are obliterating the views at Hurricane Ridge. A few years back, that happened to us, and now I understand there's more Canadian smoke into the northwestern US.

    Mt Rainier NP - Mt St Helens - Grand Coulee Dam - Crater Lake NP - all those are within your reach with 10 days, so all is not lost if the views in Olympic are smoky.


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    Default Setting the pace.

    Yes you could create a really nice loop trip in the 10 days you have. How much you cram in will depend on your travel style and pace you set. Heading to Olympic NP and then heading south down the coast you could choose your 'turn around' point and head inland to the other attractions you mention. If you went to Crater lake you could head up through Bend towards The Dalles and drive the Columbia river Gorge into Portland then to Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. If you wanted a slower, more relaxed pace, then the obvious destinations to drop are Crater Lake and Bend which add quite a bit of driving time.

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    Default My Experience

    I was last on the Olympic Peninsula just three years ago. Here are a few of the places my wife and I visited. Your tastes may vary, but this list would be a good place to start...

    Quinault Valley and Rain Forest
    Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
    Point Defiance Park
    The Center for Wooden Boats
    Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls
    Marymere Falls
    Bogachiel State Park
    Hoh Rain Forest
    Kalaloch and Ruby Beaches

    As you can see, our tastes tend to scenic beauty and short hikes. If you'd to experience something different, let us know.


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    Default My own trip...2017

    The trip I referred to, in my previous post, was back in 2017.

    This is my personal log. It starts you as we began to go around Olympic on the eastern side, up to Sequim, around to the western edge at Forks, then down the coast to the Columbia River.


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    The planning has begun. Day 1 up to Port Angeles, hurricane ridge, maybe crescent lake.
    Day 2 over to Forks, Beach, rainforest.
    Day 3 - Driving marathon. Down to Astoria for lunch and wander around. Then down the coast overlooks, parks, and beaches. Going to Lincoln City.
    Day 4 - Continuing down coast, Newport down to seal caves then inland towards crater lake.
    Day 5 - Crater Lake then up to Bend.

    After this, I'm a little baffled. A lot to do, but how to pick. lol.

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    Going by your wish list and as I mentioned in my previous post, the next port of call would be the Columbia river gorge, then Mt St Helens, and if enough time remains, Mt Rainier.

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