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    in 2 weeks from now My wife and I + our 10 month old will be taking a week and a half to get from Philadelphia to south Florida. Any recommendations? likely will avoid going to the interior of the Carolinas (so will likely avoid smoke mountains, blue ridge parkway etc.) as we will be sticking mostly coastal this trip. Any advice welcomed!

    What I have so far is Assateague, Norfolk (to visit family), Carleston, Savannah, and Saint Simons Island.

    Thank You!

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    Default Island Hopping

    My first recommendation is to NOT follow DE-1 along the Delaware shore between Rehobeth Beach DE and Ocean City MD. That road is simply wall to wall traffic during the summer. Instead use US-113 south from Milford DE to Berlin MD, then MD-376/MD-611 from there to Assateague Island. You'll then have to return to US-113/US-13 south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Use I-64 around Norfolk and take Exit 291-B to VA-168 south to US-158 east and perhaps NC-12 down the Outer Banks shore. Kitty Hawk is near where you first get on the Outer Banks. You can then continue down NC-12, with the occasional ferry ride, to US-70 west at Cedar Island. When you see I-42 take NC-24 west towards Cape Carteret. At Jacksonville NC switch over to US-17 south, then use NC/I-140 around Jacksonville to US-74 west to I-95 south for the rest of your trip to Savannah and Saint Simons Island. I did much of this drive, albeit northbound, several years ago and found it relaxing and rewarding.


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    My husband and I have done parts of that, mentioned in AZBuck's post. Plus we have used I-95 (Hmmmm.....) to get through NC and SC. Posts 7 through 10 show our visits to Kitty Hawk, the Outer Banks, and Charleston's Fort Sumter.

    Where in South Florida are you headed? Posts 6 through 13, and Post 15 describe our very recent journeys through Florida.


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