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    Newbie here! I plan my first journey to Spain and I want to avoid places with lots of tourists, instead looking for less known spots. Have you found any interesting places recently? Maybe a secret beach, small comfortable town, or place to eat with amazing food – I would like to hear about it! Also, any general travel tips for Spain would be awesome. Cheers for the help! ��

    Catch you later,

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    I have been to this place called Albarrcin in Spain. It's also been voted as the most beautiful small town in Spain several times. If you are into rock climbing, it's a paradise for you, as it has some of the best bouldering spots in Europe.*

    As for general travel tips for Spain,*

    The weather in Spain is not always sunny and warm, especially in the north and in the winter. Pack some warm clothes and a coat, and check the forecast before you travel. You can pay with a card almost everywhere in Spain, but it’s good to have some cash and coins with you, especially for small purchases and tips. It’s good to learn some basic words and phrases in Spanish and respect the local languages if you visit those areas.

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    Albarracín sounds absolutely captivating! Thanks for the recommendation! I never thought about rock climbing before, but now it has caught my attention. I will surely put it on my list. Thank you for informing me about the weather and giving advice on money. It is wise to always be ready. Do you have any other places or things to do in Spain that you would recommend? Also, I am not familiar with Spanish vocabulary. Would you advise going solo or hiring a guide?

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    You can visit Pyrenees, Canary Islands or Picos de Europa. Enjoy unique festivals and traditions, such as the Parade of the Bulls in Pamplona, Tomatina in Buñol, and Flamenco in Andalusia.

    I would recommend learning some basic terms and phrases before travelling, especially if you want to visit smaller towns or rural areas where English is not often spoken. I recommend getting a guide to thoroughly explore the hidden spots.

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    Those sound like amazing destinations! I've heard the festivals in Spain are unforgettable. I appreciate your advice on learning simple words before travelling; it is wise to be ready, particularly for journeys away from common routes. Could you suggest how I might find a reliable guide to see the less known attractions?

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