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    Hi, my wife and I will be spending 20 days on the east coast, we already have 4 days planned in NYC, we must go to Charleston and Wilmington N.C. the rest is open. We Don't know if take a long detour north to Montreal and Ottawa before heading south is a good idea, we love to hike, but have no clue about which areas are suited in the north east. Or if we should fly south to New Orleans and make our way north... basically we are open to any suggestion.

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    Because you like hiking, going north to Montreal and Ottawa might be a very good plan. These cities have lively cultures and many chances for outdoor activities close by.

    Montreal possesses a mountain named Mont Royal, which is home to lovely parklands that include paths for walking up the hill and magnificent vistas over the city. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to wander through delightful districts and savor some tasty cuisine.

    In Ottawa, Gatineau Park is a treasure for those who love to hike, offering more than 165 kilometers of paths. The city has much history and many interesting museums and important places worth visiting.

    If you prefer to take the southern path, New Orleans is a lively place with a special kind of appeal and wonderful food. After visiting there, you can travel upwards, pausing in places such as Nashville or Asheville and perhaps Shenandoah National Park for enjoyable hikes.

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    Hiking in the northeast is mostly in National Forests in the various mountain ranges, of which there are many. So this is what I'd suggest as a possible general route. Head north from NYC through Massachusetts (Berkshires) Vermont (Green Mountains) and New Hampshire (White Mountains) to Québec City and enjoy a town like no other in North America. Then when you're ready to head south, go up the St. Lawrence to Montréal before turning south through upstate New York (Adirondacks) and northeastern Pennsylvania (Poconos).

    From here you might like to head for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You'd have your choice of visiting Baltimore and Washington or taking a quieter route down the Delmarva Peninsula. Once you rejoin the mainland after the Outer Banks, you'd just continue along the coast to Charleston.


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