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    Default Thanks for the post -- sounds like a fun trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ram4 View Post
    I tried to update my trip along the way but this board wouldn't allow it. I forgot what the error message was. So I will just do a fast recap.
    Thanks for the post -- sounds like a fun trip.

    Still a bit mystified as to what was keeping you from updating from the road? If you could share a bit more of that, I will try and resolve for future trips.


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    I am trying to remember specifics. I was logged in, replied like always but it kept saying something timed out or similar to that. I have seen this happen before but it's rare.

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    I've seen that - log out and log back in, that should fix it.

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    Yeah, I think the message you're seeing is probably because your login session timed out. If you're spending a lot of time typing up a message, that can happen, because it doesn't see your typing as new activity.

    Clicking the remember me/keep me logged in button when you first sign in should prevent that - you can always still manually log out when you're done if you'd like.

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    Default Another Tactic

    I think that glc and Michael are both right and it's a time-out issue. What I do is to not login in the first place, do my research, type out my response in a fairly simple text editor that has a basic spell check function, and only when I have it right (Yes, I still make errors) come back to the RTA site, login, and enter my response.


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