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    To get you into Napa, follow my previous post, but stay on CA-99 instead of jumping over to I-5. North of Stockton, you can get on CA-12 west to CA-121 into Napa. Note that CA-12 multiplexes for a few miles with I-80.

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    Trip recap....

    Just wanted to take a moment to "Thank" everyone for their feedback. Followed your directions turn by turn. Gotta say say Texas took a long time to cross. We had a great time. I've heard about Buc-ee's, I can confirm they do have very close to 100 pumps and the store seem like a small walmart.

    Traffic in California was similar to Miami, Atlanta, D.M.V (I-95). Napa was nice, Redwood = WOW, along with Pacific Coast.

    I really appreciate this forum for its members and willingness to provide guidance and advice.

    'Till next time,


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    Default Trip Recap

    Quote Originally Posted by 01sesedan View Post
    'Till next time,

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing your trip recap.


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