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    Howdy all!
    Has anyone here had any experience with thin film solar panels? I'm generally one to pay for the name brands and the support that comes with them, but I'm hearing more and more about the shortcomings of some. Specifically I'm looking at a small fridge and potentially solar panels for my FWC Kestrel.

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    Found a few thin film solar panels and all are seems preety good to me. Anyone here used their solar panels before or have any experiences?

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    Default Have no experience with thin panels, but....

    I have had a conventional solar panel on my VW Transporter for many years, connected only to the house battery. Have never had a flat battery even though the fridge is always on when travelling, as is my computer, and I very often leave the internal lights on all night

    You did not fill in whence you hail, but it would of course be a huge difference - MN or MA compared to FL or TX. My van is always parked outside, whether travelling or not.


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