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  1. Default Driving in Zion National Park, Page AZ, Flagstaff and Sedona

    Hi Brothers and sisters

    May I kindly ask for suggestions including weather conditions through Mid-February to early March with regards to the conditions in Zion National Park in Utah and Flagstaff in Arizona. We are avoiding snow as much as possible.

    Is it visible to roadtrip in the areas during that time?

    Thanks and God Bless!

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    Default Pack well, remain flexible.

    Howdy Major, welcome back !

    Unfortunately the best you can do is look at historical data for the weather and get a feel of what it could be like, other than that it's impossible to predict so far in advance. You should certainly be prepared for cold weather and possible disruption including snow and ice, so pack warm layered clothing and carry water and snacks with you. The later you can go on the trip the less chance of disruption but that weather has a mind of it's own ! In late February 2019 we were in Vegas and planning to travel to Sedona via Flagstaff, but we were cut off by snow. We planned to continue our trip by heading to Lake Havasu but all major roads heading south and east were shut down, so we had an extra night in Vegas. So staying flexible is also advisable.

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    SWDave has it right on. I've been to Flagstaff in February, to find it cold but clear, but other years, snowy and cold. One year, it was cold and clear when we went up on Thursday afternoon, but snowy on the way down on Saturday morning. We were lucky that we followed the snowplow and de-icers all the way down I-17 until the elevation got low enough where the snow didn't stick! (We were traveling between San Diego CA and NAU Flagstaff.)

    If you are going to be in Flagstaff on the weekends, particularly Presidents Day weekend, be prepared with hotel reservations in advance. NAU hosts a few events on weekends in February that cause hotels to be booked up and at higher prices.


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    Default The Data

    Flagstaff is just under 7,000 feet in elevation. Not quite a mountain top, but not conducive to warmth either. Average temperature ranges reported by the National Weather Service for late February there are around 20-50ºF. You might see warmer or colder, but those are the average low and high for the last few days of the month. Last winter (earlier this year) the area saw 15 inches of new snow accumulation during the last 2 weeks of February. Good luck.


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    Hi. Thanks for the suggestions.

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