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    I am wondering if there is a group road trip where people take their own cars but go road tripping together, either ending up in same motels or driving same routes but meeting up along the way…

    I notice that it sometimes gets lonely for a solo traveler like me to eat alone, stay alone, sightsee alone. I find the first day ok but it starts getting lonely on longer road trips.

    Thinking of heading out from St. Louis to any of the southern states….Florida, Alabama, Texas etc. for a few days…

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    I've done roadtrips with friends using different cars, staying at the same places, and eating at the same places, but still branching out to do our own things from time to time.

    But I've never heard of anything like that being done in an organized way, particularly bringing strangers together. Perhaps you might have more luck if you found some kind of event, particularly one that is around some kind of shared hobby or interest, and at least partially built your trip around that? At the very least, it would give you spot where you know would be connecting with people, and from there, perhaps you could also find others who are also traveling in that general direction?

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    Your post, and Michael's response, brought two thoughts to me.

    First was RV Caravan tours. People owning RV's sign up to travel together, often to someplace that folks are more "exotic"....a trip up the Alaska Highway, or down to Central America, etc. There's a trailmaster and a mechanic who's usually the tail-dog.

    The second was just what Michael suggested -- folks who have a hobby that decide to go together someplace. Maybe they are quilters who make their way around certain areas visiting every fabric/quilt store, or to quilt shows. Maybe they're baseball fans that want to see a game at all the big league stadiums.

    If you belong to any such hobby group in your area, that may be a place to start.


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