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  1. Default Boston to Santa Fe. 9 days end of October - any tips/warnings/suggestions


    I am new here.

    I have a drive planned as follows and am open to any suggestions. I have (and will continue to) poked around there a bit, but decided to "cut to the chase."

    Framingham MA to Santa Fe NM is my drive. My plan is to include Kinzua, Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas Selina region, then a pop into the panhandle (Okla) for my last night, before I drive into SF.

    Note: I am traveling with three dogs. This means activities are going to be hikes and picnics (rather than museums and concerts, etc.).

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    Hi, and welcome to RTA! I'm not sure what type of advice you're looking for, specifically. You seem to have a handle on what route you want to take. So a couple of things come to mind as general pieces of advice:

    * Since you're traveling with 3 dogs, you're going to have to do some serious searching and reserving your overnight lodging before you leave home. Some places don't take more than 2 pets. Some have limited numbers of rooms available for those with pets.

    * If you're camping or taking an RV, that pet issue isn't an issue usually.

    * There are a lot of state and city parks with hiking and picnicking facilities, not too far from the main roads. In our camping forum, you can find these (even if you aren't camping). You can also look at a good map and find little green triangles and notes of state and national forests and parks. City parks aren't often on the state and national maps, though.

    * With that in mind, you'll need to keep each day's mileage in mind as you plan your overnights. Chances are, your dogs are gonna want to get out every couple of hours, too. Sometimes a rest area will be good for that, and other times you'll want a little more time out of the vehicle. I'd recommend taking 5 days to make the trip, if you have that time.

    Let us know what we can help you with!


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    Donna, I read that this person is taking 9 days so this should be easy. 2300 miles, that's about 250 miles a day average.

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    Thank you both - yes: some days will be longer than others, but I have selected "natural wonders" which are reportedly dog friendly as our break times!

    Thank you for the "campers" thread idea... I am going "prepared" to car camp, but also with a few motel options for specific nights... 'So excited!

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