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    Default Smoke Mapping for Campers

    Another press release that caught my eye this morning.

    New map overlays will keep campers safe by tracking smoke near their campsite in real time

    Campendium, the crowd-sourced and editorially-curated web and mobile application for campers, is adding a new Smoke Map feature to further help its user base stay safe this wildfire season. The brand has added new mapping tools to its application to keep campers safe as wildfires and smoke threats become more prevalent.

    According to a recent report by Resources for the Future, in 2021 nearly 124,000 campers were within 20km of an active wildfire and 400,000 campers were impacted by wildfire smoke last year. Beginning today, Campendium is giving campers the ability to monitor these conditions as they are planning their trip or out on the road.

    "At a time when camping is more popular than ever and wildfire and smoke are also more common than ever, this new product feature couldn't be more timely," said Campendium's Co-Founder and General Manager, Leigh Wetzel. "We are proud to offer Campendium users a way to monitor these conditions with our new, real-time mapping feature."

    Campendium uses live data to provide information to its users. The smoke map overlay tracks light, medium, and heavy smoke coverage, and is available to Campendium app users using an iOS device in both dark and light modes. The smoke map complements other premium map overlays already offered by Campendium, including trail maps, cell coverage maps, and public lands maps.

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    Excellent source! We've been backpacking too close to a wildfire on at least one occasion (back in our younger days). Something like this would have been helpful, but those were the days before cell phones. (We were told by passing firefighters, who asked us in what direction we were going. After one night, we smelled smoke a little closer and decided to head back instead of further in.)


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