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  1. Default Once again but different route..St. Louis to San Francisco

    Having taken advice, have taken a trip to San Francisco from St. Louis twice over the past few years. I did the route through I-70 and also using I-40.

    This time, I am seeking advice going through a more northern route. I find the drive thru Kansas and Missouri on I-70 quite boring now and looking for another way.

    I think I will have 7-8 days getting there. Looking for a scenic drive, perhaps a national park or two. I am a solo, old (74) tripper.

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    Default For Nearly the Same Number of Miles

    The most direct, mostly Interstate route option is fairly simple. Just take I-44 down to Oklahoma City and then I-40 west to Barstow CA and use I-15 south for a short bit to pick up CA-58 west to Bakersfield. From there you have a choice of either staying on CA-58 or using the Westside Parkway, both of them will get you to I-5 north to the Bay Area.

    That route will provide some varying scenery, several historic sites, and is only about 35 miles longer than the route you've used in the past.


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    Default My Bad

    I just re-read your post and see that you're looking for a more northern rather than southern route. I'm not sure why you'd go through Kansas, as the shortest route is through Nebraska on I-80 which would take you all the way to San Francisco. That would let you at least follow the route of the old Oregon trail along the Platte River across the Great Plains and would rejoin your previous route in southern Wyoming (I'm guessing). I would still recommend my previously described route however.

    Addendum: Going far enough north to hit some scenery (Rapid City and environs, Snake River) and National Parks (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons) would add too many miles, meaning that even with 7 days the time available to you to actually 'stop and smell the roses' would be severely limited.

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    Default Map out your own unique route.

    Its worth keeping in mind that you don't need to follow any preset route, you can create your own unique trip. You could try US50 through Colorado and stay along that course through Utah and Nevada where it's aka 'The Loneliest road'. You could pick out a lot of cool things along the way to take a look at. You could also cut down on US550 aka The Million dollar highway and have options to drive through Monument valley, Grand canyon, Death valley and Yosemite. You may not have much time to stop and take in all they have to offer but it would be a heck of a drive !! Search around the forums and trip planning pages, get a good old paper map out and look at the many, many possibilities. Once you have penned an idea, share it with us and we can offer meaningful advice, tweaks and perhaps some 'nuggets' along the way.

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    While I understand that Kansas just seems to go on and on and on, my husband and I have used I-70 anyway. The portions beyond Denver in Colorado, and all the way through Utah, make eastern CO and the flat end of KS just something to tolerate. (We like the eastern end of KS, with the rolling hills.) Hubby and I prefer I-70 to I-80, for the reasons of scenery.

    US-50 would be an alternative, just remember in NV it's called "The Loneliest Road" for good reason. Be sure to fill your gas tank and keep it up!


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    It's worth noting that you've asked about traveling to San Francisco/out west a few times now, and on your previous threads you were given several suggestions for non-interstate alternatives to I-70.

    For example this thread offered several alternative options.

    Perhaps this is the trip you get off the interstate and try one or more of those ideas?

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