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    Hello, apologies all for being yet another tourist with annoying questions. I've looked through this page a bit and Googled but I can't find answers to everything.

    I'm considering a road trip in September (4-26 Sept) from the Netherlands (where I live) all the way up to Nordkapp, if the circumstances allow for it. The entire road trip is focused on driving and hiking and I'll be mostly avoiding the cities.

    Now I want to do this road trip in my own car, a slightly modified "sporty" coupe that solely runs on 98 or higher octane (RON) fuel (e5 or less) and a full tank of gas give me about 5-600km range. Is it easy to get 98 octane fuel throughout all of Norway? Especially up north?

    Also, I read that in the mountains and up north there's a chance for snow already in September, is this a big chance or more along the lines of "bad luck"? I don't have winter tires for this car and would prefer not to get stuck.

    Also as mentioned my car is somewhat modified. The exhaust isn't overly loud but it's certainly more noticeable than the average car. Is this a thing that's mostly frowned upon in Norway or do people not really care?

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    Hello and welcome to Road trip America !

    First off, here at RTA there is no such thing as "Another annoying tourist" as we are all like minded Road trip enthusiasts so no need for apologies. Although our main focus is based on Road trips in America our reach is far and wide, so just maybe someone can come along and help with your Norwegian questions from experience. Although I don't have those 'tools in my bag' a quick search suggests "Superplus 98ron"(Blyfri) is readily available in Norway. Another quick search regarding winter driving came with the following advice >
    Norway. Each driver must ensure that the car can drive in winter weather. There is an indirect requirement that the car must carry a set of snow chains when driving in winter weather.
    To avoid any situation that may cause you to get stuck is to use common sense by keeping up to date with the conditions (hotel television/Internet and searching out local knowledge) and to use common sense without uneccessary risk. Hope it works out for you !


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