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  1. Default October last week end moving from phoenix to atlanta

    Hello everyone,

    I am moving from Phoenix to Atlanta on October last week end. I am planning to drive.
    Guidance pls on weather ,road condition and route.

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    Default The Simple and Direct Answer

    The most straightforward route is to simply get on I-10 in Phoenix, take that to western Texas then follow I-20 when it splits off. I-20 will take you the rest of the way to Atlanta. You're going to need four solid days of driving to get there, so plan accordingly. Even the National Weather Service can't reliably predict conditions for that far out and for that large a geographical area, so we won't presume to be better than they are.


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    thank you for the details.
    please let me know % of snow possibilities
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    Default If only we knew.

    As Buck mentioned it's just impossible to know at this stage. You can look at long term forecasts, check out historical data on weather sites but in reality it has no link to what will happen at the exact time you travel this year. As you get nearer to your departure date the forecasts will become more accurate so the best course of action at the moment is to leave your options open and make your final decision before departing. If it were my trip and based on Buck's recommended route, I wouldn't be losing any sleep about major weather disruption at the end of October, but I would be aware it's possible and leave a bit of 'wiggle' room in my timing.

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    thank you, i'll remember your guidance

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    You might find this interesting, if not useful. You can get hourly precipitation forecasts in tabular or graphical format, from the National Weather Service. Note that the snow and freezing rain options only show for applicable cities and time of year.

    Go to weather. gov

    Enter your city in the box in the upper left. Try Bozeman Montana, because there IS snow in its forecast.

    You’ll see a daily forecast. Scroll to the bottom and choose TABULAR FORECAST.

    Next, if you’d prefer a graphical display, scroll down and select HOURLY WEATHER GRAPH

    Either way, you’ll see a lot of options to turn on and off.

    What’s great is that you can see both the CHANCE of precipitation AND the AMOUNT!

    You can select the start day/time, or press the FORWARD TWO DAYS tab. In this example, there was no significant chance of snow until day 3. Of course, that will change depending on what day you try it.

    You can save this to your phone or laptop.

    I find this very helpful for the first 48 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sreedhs View Post
    thank you, i'll remember your guidance
    How many days are you planning on taking for the trip ?

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    thank you.
    it is super helpful

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    i am planning for 4days, driving only during daylight.

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    guidance pls for hotels -city/town

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